Patagonia Provisions - Mackerel

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Patagonia's Atlantic mackerel is harvested from abundant schools off the north coast of Spain by hook and line, with little to no bycatch. A small fish, it doesn’t
have the high levels of toxins that build up in apex predators like tuna and
swordfish. It’s an excellent source of protein and vitamin B-12, with 500 mg
of Omega-3 fatty acids per serving. And it has the meaty texture and mild
flavor we crave in those big fish. Some call it bait. We call it delicious.

  • Excellent source of protein (19-21g per serving), vitamin B-12, vitamin E, niacin and selenium. Good source of vitamin D and vitamin K. Contains about 500mg Omega 3s per serving.
  • Fully cooked and ready to eat or add to pastas, salads and other dishes.
  • Packed in organic extra-virgin olive oil; light seasonings enhance the subtle, clean flavor and rich, meaty texture.


  • Roasted Garlic: With organic roasted garlic and silky extra-virgin olive oil. Meaty, savory, and mild.
  • Lemon Caper: With organic lemon, capers and extra-virgin olive oil. Meaty yet bright-tasting.
  • Spanish Paprika: Seasoned with a slow-cooked blend of onion, red bell pepper, garlic and paprika, and packed in extra-virgin olive oil. Rich and mellow, with a hint of heat.

Ingredients - Roasted Garlic:

Mackerel, organic olive oil, organic garlic, salt, organic red pepper.

Ingredients - Lemon Caper:

Mackerel, organic olive oil, organic lemon, organic capers in vinegar, salt.

Ingredients - Spanish Paprika: 

Mackerel, organic olive oil, organic red bell pepper, organic onion, organic apple cider vinegar, organic garlic, organic Spanish paprika, salt, organic black pepper.