a cup of tea and flowers

Minding your body should be both simple and delicious. Using wholesome and powerful herbs and adaptogens like turmeric and hemp, our wellness infusions will elevate your health and make it just that much easier to start a new daily ritual. Whether you struggle with insomnia, live with anxiety, are fighting a cold, are feeling drained or are looking to cleanse your body, we have the tea you need to help you feel your best.

Brewing Wellness Brews

Our Wellness Brews are blends of hearty herbs and spices and need high temperatures to help release all their benefits. Brew time should be 5 minutes using boiling water, 212ºF. For more flavor, add more tea, not time. 

How much caffeine is in Wellness Brews?

Unless otherwise noted, all of our Wellness Brews are caffeine free. Dried herbs, roots, fruit and spices are naturally caffeine free.